ERG Partners is an independent financial and strategic advisory firm solely focused on the security and intelligence sectors founded in 2004

ERG Partners provides M&A and corporate finance advisory services and assists its clients in the development and execution of their growth strategies. ERG Partners has extensive experience in cross-border and emerging markets transactions with a presence in New York, Washington and London

Corporate Finance and Strategic Advise for Clients in the Security and Intelligence Sectors


ERG Partners has developed an in-depth expertise in the security and intelligence industries based on the team’s long-term involvement in these sectors and relationships with key industry leaders. This unique sector expertise enables ERG Partners to identify and develop value-creating strategies for its clients.

As a result, ERG Partners has successfully completed numerous transactions involving companies in intelligence analysis, security consulting and training, competitive intelligence, forensic computing, litigation support and data recovery. Transactions include the sale of Olive Group based in Dubai to Constellis in the U.S., the sale of CSG to Trive Capital, and most recently the sale of Balckpeak, Asia’s leading high value added risk advisory and research firm to Acuris, a UK based a provider of global data, intelligence, research and analysis.

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ERG Partners has advised on numerous transactions, including acquisitions, public takeovers, disposals, fundraising and restructuring, many of which were cross-border. ERG has also advised various financial investors on acquisitions in the security and intelligence sectors. ERG also assisted major corporations and emerging companies on developing their growth strategies.

Arpad Krizsan and Tapio Vaskio founded ERG Partners in 2004. Bob Grenier, the former head of CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Center and Chairman of Global Security Consulting at Kroll Inc., joined as its Chairman in 2009.


Management Team

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